Building the Google ioSched Android project on my 2019 ultrabook (4 cores, base frequency of approx 1.6GHz, boost frequeny of 3.5GHz or so.), I observed:

  • 8 threads (4 cores) pegged at full throttle for most of about 3 minutes, utiliziation never going below 85%, and frequency hovering below boost speed.
  • Package temp hovering around 85C, never above 90C, fans at medium.

Fans still running near medium 5 minutes later, noticed that package temp is around 90C (explain, why is it higher then when building?), utilization is at near 0. [I did boot WSL in the interim, so that might explain the temp.]

Conclusion: Building an Android project is CPU bound. A machine with more cores and faster boost speeds will see faster build times. However on this reasonably small to medium sized project, build time was not horrendous on a 4 core ultrabook with base freq around 1.6GHz, and boost to 3.5GHz or so.